Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Follow Up Email 11/3/2010


It is now a couple of months since I emailed you with my thoughts and concerns regarding the BCS and I felt that I should update you as to the events over that period.

As a result of my email, I was asked to resign as a Trustee of the Society by the President and Deputy President and since early February I have taken no part in the affairs of the Trustee Board.

I have received quite a number of responses to my original email, including some from members to whom it had been forwarded on, to such an extent that we are almost at the goal I set before sending in the request to the BCS for the required EGM. I very much want to go with more supporters than just the minimum 50 required to fulfil the request, as the more supporters there are, the less the Society can consider it as just a few disgruntled members.

Included with the support have been even more examples of where members have been unhappy with the way in which the Society is moving and of feeling left out of the decision making processes.

There has also been some media coverage of the push for an EGM with Computer Weekly reporting the following:

It just needs a final push for us to reach to goal of requesting an EGM and therefore if you have not already replied to me or you know of any other members who feel the same way please do contact me.


Len Keighley