Monday, 7 June 2010

A Big Thank You

I just wanted to thank all of those that have sent me emails with messages of support.

Quite a lot have also contained questions and/or requests for more information and I will respond to all of the emails but I would ask that you you be patient as, I am sure you will have realised, my email recipt numbers have exploded since the BCS mailing went out last week.


  1. I have voted, using the paper I received today.
    It contained a `quick vote option' which was clearly an attempt to bias the voting. Have they _no_ shame ?
    Needless to say I did the opposite ...

  2. Very sad to see the BCS going the way of so many other institutes, creating self funding Quangos for want of a word. I am a member of several institutes and have noticed how thay all want to get manic certification and increase these costs to develop income. Many do not give any benefits to their members. I hope this does not happen to BCS

  3. Totally agree with John Palmer. While not having any visibility of the issue before the EGM notice, I took immediate exception to the way the issue was presented in the paperwork and voted against the "quick vote option" out of principle. Steve Foster