Thursday, 1 July 2010

BCS EGM Results & Thanks

Dear all,

I just wanted to thank you all for the support and encouragement you have given me and the other signatories to the EGM held today. In particular I wanted to single out for a special thank you to Conrad Taylor, the webmaster of the wiki site that we used to provide news and updates. He had a very difficult job in listening and dealing with our many revisions.

The EGM was a long, interesting and intense meeting that, by and large, was held in the professional manner that anyone would have hoped for, where lots of feelings where aired before the final votes were taken.

I was approached after the meeting by various members, including a number that had opposed the original motions, who said that the results had shown that there were issues that needed to be listened to.

At the conclusion of the meeting a number of the EGM signatures met with various Trustees and Council members to discuss ways forward and it was agreed before the discussion closed that a joint statement would be produced as soon as possible on that way forward.

With all that and the short meeting after the EGM I am hopeful of a more positive future

In case you have not seen the results of the votes here are the numbers for and against of each motion.

Motion 1 – For 3271 – Against 10662

Motion 2 – For 3174 – Against 10613

Motion 3 – For 5557 – Against 9217

Motion 4 – For 11050 – Against 3051

Motion 5 – For 10567 – Against 3439

Motion 6 – For 10475 – Against 3354

The Special Resolution to increase the number of members required to call an EGM was withdrawn from the EGM by the Chairman of the Meeting, the President.

As far as I am aware this is the highest vote there has been in the history of the BCS and does show it is not just 52 fuddy duddys.

One thing is certain this is not the end of the process and to paraphrase it may not be the beginning of the end but it is perhaps the end of the beginning.

Your servant

Len Keighley


  1. the fact that about a quarter of votes cast were against the BCS leadership's position should give them pause for thought

  2. Think it should give more than a pause for thought. The popular vote is usually over 95%. So over 20% was lost + spotlight is on to prove the EGM was not needed. If this is ignored more of the popular vote could be lost. So if things don't change in the next year or so it could cause major turmoil to BCS. Things need to change for the better now for everyones sake.